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I want to get into a new band. Impress me with ONE song.


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Okay, that's a lot of stuff to listen to...

Gimme a week or so and I'll watch them one by one and see what floats my boat the most....

After that, check out two bands - Guthrie Govan's The Aristocrats (Track Flatlands) and Mattias IA Eklundh's Freak Kitchen (Track Some Kind of Love Song).

The Aristocrats are a power trio that will blow your mind as all of them are insanely talented musicians. Govan's outworldly playing (and musicianship) is easily noticed on every track and that alone would make getting the album worth. The song mentioned is the only ballad in their self titled debut album and it's really enjoyable. No vocals, just instrumental awesomeness.

Freak Kitchen is kind of like Bumblefoot's solo band because they're experimental/progressive in a sense, but much more Hard Rock oriented with a lot of influences from several other genres. Mattias is also a great singer, and the lyrics are funny and clever. Some Kind of Love Song is a rock ballad, but unlike most ballads out there, he makes fun of himself and other commercial ballads. Bumblefoot is a vocal/guitar guest on a track called Speak When Spoken To.

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