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Best Queen album?

Vincent Vega


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I like how Freddie never explained his songs. Just left them open to interpretation even going as far as saying they are disposible like bic razors. Freddie just wanted to do what he wanted. Heavy metal, opera or an arena rocker that allowed him to move around more.

He was also great at handling journalists prying into his private life, and his friends were very protective of him. It also helped that everyone in the band wrote, so when they asked him about a song, he could go, "oh, Brian wrote that" or "Roger wrote that one".

I'm sure they did write songs that were throwaway/filler, but it's rare where everyone in a band wrote at least one hit song.

Not only hit songs, but every member wrote a number 1.

I think they may be the only band where all four members wrote a number one hit. I don't think even The Beatles have done it.

He rarely gave interviews but when he did, he did handle them. Some would try to get him to come out and he would say it in a way where it goes over their heads. He was also very shy in person. Only kept to those he felt close with. Not only his friends were protective, but his bandmates too.

Ringo had a #1 (maybe 2 or 3) when he was out of The Beatles. They all sang #1 songs (Yellow Submarine being the one Ringo sang but didn't write).

It's debatable which was the better band - Beatles or Queen. If The Beatles had better sound system in 1964, it's still hard to say they were better than Queen 1975 as a live act. Lennon wasn't a fan of flamboyant singers, we know that, but he still had to have been impressed by them.

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I wish they would be able to restore the 70's gigs. The equippment they used to record them were poor in comparison to the 80's. I think Live at the Bowel proved them as easily one of the top 5 live bands of all time. Freddie was indeed in peak form and Brian, Roger and John played beautifully.

I'd like to see them from '74 to '77.

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I am also aware that Bohemian Rhapsody is a critically acclaimed song, but I still think it's shit. Aren't opinions wonderful?

I would also like to point out that I can't find a single Queen song I enjoy.

I suppose I'm just bitter because when I was fourteen I biked four miles to the record store to get into music, and people told me Queen was a good band, so I bought a copy of their greatest hits. When I found out the songs were awful I was crushed. The good news is I am a firm believer in recycling so it made a good coaster for glassware and a decent frisbee in the park. CDs have multiple uses.

You're a fucking moron.

No shit. Listen to night at the opera beginning to end. Gnr greatest hits sucks. You can't always judge a band from a compilation of their radio hits. Obviously.

I think queen and steely Dan are the two greatest rock groups of all time. My parents saw queen in 78. My dads been to a ton of shows and he said hands down, best show he had ever seen. And he's seen led zep. Not a huge zep fan myself but that's really saying sumthing.

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I just found the Bohemian Rhapsody multitracks on my external harddrive. I haven't listened to them in ages. If you want proof Freddie was an amazing singer, listen to the multitracks.

Can you hear Roger and Brian too?

Very much so. There's a track with only Roger's high vocals (Galileo) in the operatic bit.

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One Year of love is a bad song, but man, what a vocal performance. But still a bad song, and that's a huge fan speaking.

Not when compared to Pain Is So Close to Pleasure.
Honestly, I don't like much of AKOM, apart from the title track, One vision and Princes. Very weak album to me.
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