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Curious/Honest Why do think Punk Rock Fans Being Elitist Threads Get locked


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i'm a huge fan of Punk Rock

go to local shows

buy the records...

why are the threads talking about us fan being elitist being locked. being a fan , having friends who are fans of genre, and just from living a bit, I kinda think we are, punk rock listeners can be kinda douche bags :) when it comes to music.

only (real) Metal fans and backpack rapper fans are worse.

could be a good topic mods.

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well my bad

i've been in and out of this forum for the past few months

so not up to speed on a few things

just thought this topic could be interesting, and thought it was a shame every time I saw it, it was shut down without a chance to flourish.

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Fair enough Sunny, I didn't realize the last thread (before the newest one) had been locked.

But, it was done so for good reason, it was a pointed attack at a member.

I'll unlock the new one, as long as it remains a general converstion, and doesn't turn into a pointed attack against anyone.

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