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GN'R as it is today Vs. Slash and that band


GN'R as it is today Vs. Slash and that band  

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Myles, Slash and Todd Kerns are one of the strongest three-pieces in rock right now.


Current Guns N Roses are still fun, enjoyable, and put on good shows. But if you want straight ahead rock in a similar fashion to earlier GNR, Slash and the Conspirators are your band. Dedicated fans at every show, solid 2 hour sets with great career spanning songs, no gimmicks. Its one of the best rock shows out there nowadays and its why I've seen it 7 times. If GNR were as good, I would see them as much too. But they don't change the sets as much as Slash, where I'm guaranteed to hear songs I haven't heard before at every show, and the shows are more expensive.

Sorry, but there's no contest. Slash is an amazing concert act these days and Axl is a heartbeat away from being an oldies act, and the only reason I don't call him one already is because I never want to call GNR that.

Some people don't like Myles. Its not my feeling, but I understand it. Even with that being the case though, Slash is missing an Axl, but Axl is missing a killer band that isn't overblown, which is what Slash has found. Slash wins everything in this category except for vocals, and judging by Axl's voice lately I don't know if thats true either.

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