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The Damned


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Guest Len B'stard

as album openers go, it's a fuckin' belter, isn't it? That bassline and then what can only be described as Captain Sensible making a sound akin to an attempt at making an elderly person jump :lol:

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Guest Len B'stard

Trivia: When bored on tour The Damned would sometimes sneak into other rooms in the hotel they were staying at and take a shit in the hotel patrons pillows :lol:

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Guest Len B'stard

I remember Alice Cooper saying he lost one of his snakes in a hotel room once and basically right it had crawled into the bog and through the plumbing and turned up in one of the other hotel rooms shitter when some old bird lifted up the toilet seat and...well, you can imagine the rest :lol: Honestly, how do you lose a fuckin' snake??! :lol:

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I decided to walk around the Museum of Croydon today, first time I went since courting a young girl from Brixton I went to college with in 2003.

It's changed slightly, free to the public, you just walk in, look and interact with stuff.

Today I went for the first time since 2003, and as soon as I saw this;


Captain Sensible's Beret and Sun Glasses, I was all about taking pictures of it.

And since I noticed how my own pair of sunglasses looked liked his and I had them on me...


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Damned tour dates, they just played some dates in the US last fall. Still going strong.

Jan 31 Grauzone Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 23 The Picturedrome West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Apr 24 North Shore Sunderland, Uk
Apr 25 O2 ABC Glasgow, United Kingdom
May 16 North West Calling Manchester, United Kingdom
Jun 06 Roundhouse London, United Kingdom
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