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Current Hair Metal (within the last 5 years)


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I know a lot of people think that hair metal sucks. I respect that opinion, but I enjoy it. Please don't make this about bashing hair metal. I am asking all the other hair metal fans for suggestions about more recent hair metal releases that are good.

For example, I was blown away by RATT's "Infestation." Fantastic album, maybe the best of their catalog. All killer, no filler. It was released in 2010.


Stephen Pearcy is the shit.

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Sum solid ones;

Steel Panther - Feel The Steel [2009] & Balls Out [2011]

Babylon Bombs - Babylon's Burning [2009]

Jettblack - Get Your Hand Dirty [2010]

Hell In The Club - Let The Games Begin [2011]

Crazy Lixx - Riot Avenue [2012]

Santa Cruz - Screaming For Adrenaline [2013]

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Have you heard Hardcore Superstar?

These guys are straight out of the hair metal era - the GnR/Dangerous Toys/Ratt/Cinderella side of it as opposed to the warrant/winger/poison side.

I don't know why this one won't open up as the youtube video - but it's kind of a punkish pop song.


have you checked out Pearcy in Arcade?

A lot of filler, but two really really great songs; first one is slow, second one is classic Ratt.

Apparently you can only have two youtube videos on each post..........but copy and paste.


Another current band that fits into the Tesla/Cinderella/DT/GnR type sound...........and apparently this band is produced by our very own DJ Ashba. Both these songs could have been hits in 1989.

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