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What´s your favorite GNR related album?


What´s your favorite GNR related album?   

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if its GN'R related but not a GN'R album... Buckethead's albums, Gilby Clarke first album, Izzy's Ride On (nothing special about it, but I kinda like it) both of the Sixx A.M. The eleven singles from Bumblefoot in 2011, Normal and Abnormal, some of the tracks from the Ashba's solo band that never realesed any album, Duff's The Taking, Slash's AL (You can't deny that Anastasia is the best track that he's realesed since 91) and ... I don't know am I forgething something? anyway those are the ones that I really liked the rest may have been good but either did nothing for me or got me tired too soon

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