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Best nuGn'R show vocally from Axl


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IMO Dublin's O2 '10 show this beats the crap out of any other show I've seen in nuGn'R era. The fact that Axl was fucking pissed (at having bottle thrown at him early in the show) and that he basically didn't move at all, produced some of the best vocals from Axl ever to be recorded. RASP all the fucking time!

When Axl's pissed we get to see old-school Axl.



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06 Rock Am Ring

06 Inland Invasion

09 Tokyo

2011 Hartford (I was there, Nice Boys and Out Ta Get Me, epic)

2012 Philly

Those are my favorites and I think they really stand out.

Wow i forgot Inland

also i check out the hartford shows out'ta get me and was fucking good, Axl sound great in 2011 which is a miracle after the rio disaster

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