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The awesomeness of Axl Rose and GNR ambience at concerts


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For those of you who have attended GNR shows, this thread is about the ambience of the show from the venue to the pyro to the stage presence of the members, etc.

I am picking this particular video to show because I was there.

I picked Hammerstein Ballroom back in May 2006.

I picked this video, in particular, WTTJ because for those of you who were also there, nothing will ever beat this experience.

There were many factors that led up to this for me:

1.) First time in NYC

2.) First time seeing GNR again live - last time was in late 80s original band opening for Aerosmith

3.) The venue

Everyone was so excited and when the riffs for WTTJ started, everyone went crazy but then, when they heard Axl's voice, the place just went insane in a good way.

Post your video here from youtube of a show you attended that you felt the same way about and explain your reasons.

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Guns n Roses live in Belgrade 2010...Before the show public and presswere very sceptic about new bnd and Axl Rose...In front of the arena I met some guys from my city and they were like "Nothing without SLash"...
Whetver when I came to arena,arena was fuckin full...More than 17000 people were there...

And then on jungle Arena exploded...Reviews of the show were amazing and GNR show was the best show in 2010...

Looking how Belgrade arena exploded

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I've seen Axl and his new band three times (twice for the Bucket/Finck era and once for the current) and all three were great enjoyable shows. Axl on stage, festive crowd and a capable band on stage.

Maybe if I could have seen Axl in 1988 it would be a different story. The shows I saw were great and we all had a blast..........but they weren't life changing and don't have more meaning than any other great rock show that I've attended, even though Axl is my favorite rock singer of all time. Seeing Ozzy on stage was cool, seeing Rob Halford on stage was cool, chatting with guys like David Lee Roth and Don Dokken at a bar, chatting with Ted Polly (I think thats his name) lead singer of Danger Danger before a show. From seeing a guy on MTV at noon and then six hours later your chatting with him - it's cool, but it just reminds you that these people are just REGULAR people like everybody else. Axl is no better a person than Soulmonster - he just happens to have one of the best rock voices in history.

I guess my biggest thing concerning Axl would be seeing the opening show of the 2002 tour in Washington (after the riot in Canada) and just comparing how different Axl was then compared to when I saw them about 18 months ago. The change in Axl was staggering.

But in terms of the things you are talking about........no real difference than seeing any other of my favorite bands live.

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