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Do you consider U2 "Christian Rock?"


U2? Chritian Rock?  

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What, because of one indirect mention of Jesus in "Pride?"

You haven't heard much U2, have you?

They may be Christians, but I wouldn't consider them a Christian band.

You got me.

I kind of just stopped with the regular songs you hear after they all sounded basically the same, and that sameness being something I felt was alright but nothing to write home about.

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They are Christians, they play rock, but they are definitely not Christian rock. Sure some songs have religious overtones, but that's just 'cause they're good lyricists. Pride isn't about Jesus, it's about martyrdom in general. They tackle big themes, sometimes through a religious lens. But that's not a general catch-all for their music.

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There were some bible quotes in the songs , but there's prob. more mention of Jesus in Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan songs, and Tom Waits had some biblical stuff in some of his songs. Leonard Cohen & Lou Reed I'm pretty sure did as well.

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40 from War is directly from the Bible.

Wake Up Dead Man: "Jesus, Jesus help me. I'm alone in this world..."

I vote for other, as in shitty.

Seriously? You might not like them, but can't you just answer the fucking question? Gotta be different, try to be funny.

Well shit, I guess I pissed in your cherioes.

I don't eat Cheerios.

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early on they considered themselves a christian rock band for one record, then decided to drop it as it wasn't commercial. I remember the head master or principle of our school playing U2 songs at assembly. Their songs of Joshua Tree had many bible related lines. I liked Rattle and Hum and Achtung Baby era. Unknown Caller is a bit suspect.

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you guys do realize christian bookstores sell their albums? right?

That implies people have been to Christian book stores (I've been to a couple small Catholic book stores and online book stores). So probably most people don't realize. I didn't.

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