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What is your favorite line of lyrics from Axl?


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Tied up, tied down,
up against the wall
Be my rubbermade baby
An' we can do it all

THAT kinda stuff was the raw dirtiness that made gnr into gnr... also love the stuff in my sig down there, which is much more artistic... its really tough to chose a favorite man, one day ill love one song and the next ill love another, depends what kinda mood im in, which is why i love axls diverse repertoire

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It's not so much the lyrics, but the build up directly before, and the melody of "NO ONE NEEDS THE SORROW. NO ONE NEEDS THE PAAYYYAAYYYAAIN! I'D HATE TA SEE YOU WALKIN' OUT THERE, OUT IN THE RAIN!"

Edit: It's funny, because when I saw this thread, I immediately thought of the UYI albums and CD. Axl's lyrics are much more maturely written and poetic on those albums.

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