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Is there any concert closer better than Paradise City


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Paradise City is the worst GNR classic if you ask me and one of the weakest songs on AFD.

In terms of great concert closers, Man In The Mirror on the Bad and particularly the Dangerous tour was beyond epic. Flying out of a stadium on a fucking jet rocket was class!!

I always thought it look a bit shit. I mean you think jet rockets and you think like, whoooosh, zoooom, they way it moved you made it look like it was powered by a hairdryer. I mean obvious it weren't gonna break the sound barrier i mean, it'd kill the bastard but thats sort of why its a crap idea, its impossible to do well.

Tough crowd.

I looked it up on youtube, because it sounds awesome, but agree with Len. It looked.... Flimsy? There was that big long set-up, for that?

On topic, short answer is "yes". It depends on the gig and the atmosphere, though. I'm not even sure Paradise City is the best GnR closer, especially at the smaller club shows...

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Didn't Oasis always tend to end with a faster number than that? Lots of covers generally from what I remember. My Generation, Come On Feel The Noise, I Am The Walrus etc

I Am The Walrus they play most frequently. But they have closed with Don't Look Back in Anger.

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Paradise City is a great closer, just the best one to cap off the set, but there's some other great ones out there, To name a few:

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden or Runnin Free

Alice in Chains - Angry Chair into Man in the Box

Thin Lizzy - Rocker

Wolfmother - Joker & The Theif

Sabbath - Paranoid

Skynyrd - Free Bird

Zeppelin - Whole Lotta love Medley

WASP - Blind in Texas

Twisted sister - It's only Rock &Roll (But I Like It)

Soundgarden - 4th of July or Jesus Christ Pose

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SG - Slaves and Bulldozers ain't such a bad closer. rock4

Hell yeah, they finished with an insane version of Beyond the wheel and this when I saw them last year. Unbelievable. Gonna see them again in 5 weeks. rock3

Oh, and Pearl Jam closing with Indifference is always beautiful.

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When I was a kid, a friend's parents took us to see Skynyrd in Jacksonville (before the crash). Ron VanZant had lost his voice and so the band played an instrumental Free Bird. I was just a kid but will never forget how exciting it was and everyone in Jax Colliseum was jumping around. So fun.

Also have had a great time with Rush closing with Tom Sawyer and everyone playing air drums.

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