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Political Music & Protest Songs


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"Rags and tags for Common Folk
Silk for Moneylenders

The old church pew, the White and Blue

The Kilt and the Young Pretender keep us sweart

But what maks them feart is our pride in the Red Clydesiders"

"The Red will be worn my lads, and Scotland will rise again

Now Great John MacLean has come hame tae the Clyde"

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"So farewell to the heather and the glen

they cleared us off once and they'd do it all again

For they still prefer sheep to thinking men

Aye, but men that think like sheep are even better

There's no-one wants to choose between the old Laird and the new

They still don't give a damn for the likes of me and you

Just mind and pay your rent tae the factor when it's due

And mind your bloody manners when you pay

For there's no Gods and there's precious few Heroes

But there's plenty on the dole in the land of the leal

And it's time now to sweep the future clear

of the lies of a past that we know was never real."

"I painted 'fight' on Factories,

But they closed the factory down, pal."

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This is about the institutionalised oppression of the Scottish Gaelic language, doesn't really attempt to sugar-coat the situation.

Taobh cuil an dorais On the other side of the door

Cha bhi grian There will be no sunlight

Suidh aig bord On the table

Cha bhi biadh is cha bhi fian There will be no food and there will be no wine

Thainig e He came

A Sasainn ann From England

Thainig e He came

Le eachabh luaidh is iuchair throm With a fast horse and a heavy key

Air lar 's an Toll Dubh On the floor of the Black Room

Cha bhi grian There will be no sunlight

Cha bhi gealach There will be no moonlight

'S dubh an oidhche a' cadal sinn Black will be the night in which we sleep

Le eiginn ar n'eirigh as ar suainn With difficulty we arise from our sleep

An Gaidheal 's a leabaidh, The Gael is abed

An Gaidheal a' shuainn The Gael slumbers

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Guest Len B'stard

Stiff Little Fingers deserve credit, tons of credit, they didn't just protest about stuff they read in the papers or saw on the news, the news was happening in their fuckin' streets, tanks rolling down em...and they spoke about it, i have the utmost fuckin' respect for them perhaps more than any band engaging in protest, they REALLY had something to protest about..

There's nothing for us in Belfast..

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