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Bootleg Picture Discs, NEW, NEVER SEEN!!!


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Well...if they were pressed for Bravado (official distributor), they're not really bootleg. They're more so a prototype or one-off.

I've seen both the Illusions come up for sale, and the clock. Maybe Bravado AU didn't have the licensing to mass produce, but I think (almost positive) the UYI discs were sold at Hot Topic a few years back...And plus, most things Bravado does/manufactures are "limited".

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Thanks for the comments!

Do you know if there was a box with that UYI2 clock at Hot Topic? Just curious if there were some boxes made the bravado man did not know?

And i understand the not being a bootleg part, lol, but its clearly not a playeble discs (all for one are not to be played) so.... i think they fit very nicely in my collection!

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