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Who was responsible for OMG being on End Of Days?


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OMG was released in 1999---which was only like 6 years after GNR had gone on hiatus. Overall, that's not a very long time.

So, to go from UYI and into OMG was just too huge of a departure. Also, the song just isn't stellar. Fine, there are some nice bits of musicality to it, but it's just not an incredible song.

Outside of these diehard forums, no one likes OMG.

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OMG is the kind of stuff that would have, if executed right, been precisely the kind of stuff that would have made Axl's dreams of a new coming of a fresh gnr REALITY.

it was his inner demons and conflictions that destroyed the project.

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He wasn't even satisfied with the CD songs when they were released in 2008

Uh, where did you get that from?

As far as I know Axl's never said he wasn't satisfied with the songs, quite the opposite actually. Here's a quote: "It's the right record and I couldn't ask for more. Could have been a more enjoyable journey, but it's there now. The art comes first." http://www.theguardian.com/music/2009/feb/09/axl-rose-chinese-democracy-interview

Doesn't sound unsatisfied at all if you ask me.

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only Jimmy Iovine knew that who wanted it to sell their soundtrack. - i didn't understand this part

Axl would have preferred that the filmmakers wait 5-10 years before releasing the movie .. just basically waiting until Axl felt that Oh My God was 100% finished and the movie could then be released.

It was a disastrous track to illustrate the new project. If you think about it, even after Chinese Democracy OMG remains one of the most experimental moments of new GNR.

It deviated too much from previous GNR styles.

This was a watershed moment for the band (in a bad way). I think the lack of love for the song confused the hell out of Axl and made him reconsider the more industrial side of his experimentation. It's a damn shame because it's a great track and I have always enjoyed listening to it. But the "failure" of this, coupled with Roy Thomas Baker, were imo two of the main reasons why CD took so long to come out.

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