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Why Isnt PRETTY TIED UP a Regular Song in Concerts?


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Because it just ain't that great in a live setting. They could get away with it when they ruled the world, but not now when the majority of the crowd aren't even Guns fans, it's a greatest hits show now donchaknow.

I wouldn't swap an Appetite song for it, probably not even one of the CD songs that get regular airings either.

It's a good song and I like it, but not for this band. It would be a strange one to breakout.

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I would love for PTU to make a come back... any of the lesser played UYI material for that matter. Who knows what's down the line. They added Estranged, You're Crazy and Civil War over the past couple tours so I'd say they could get around to more/others in coming tours.

I'd love it too. But not at the expense of CD songs.

I'd get rid of the song CD because it's awful but the rest of the songs from the album make a good addition to the setlist. Also get rid of all the covers because they suck and add some more original UYI songs.

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