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2013 Tour Performances- OK, TX, KS, and NY


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This recent tour was filled with some good vocal moments from Axl. As the tour went on there was more rasp on Paradise City, a great outro to Rocket Queen, Estranged, and Don't Cry. An amazing performance of You're Crazy in Brooklyn and many more moments some what over looked. Now I know none of this is on par with the expected vocals we want from Axl mainly because they are only seen here and there, but this was a tour I would have liked to see continue so that Axl could have became more comfortable with rasp on the songs we have grown use to hearing in the higher vocal department as of late. Or maybe the Governor's Ball had him motivated to put a little bit more into his voice.

not perfect by any means but the rasp is there in paradise city

from 8:24 on in this estranged video is the one that got me to look around at some other performances from this tour. It's rare to see this much rasp at the end of estranged.

to me everything is great about this nightrain performance..thanks to whoever posted it.

the brooklyn bowl witnessed one of the best vocal performances from Axl! perfect

The governor's ball don't cry actually had rasp at the end, but not until 3:37 so not great

and rocket queen in kansas had a great finish after 5:41

While not complete performances they do showcase moments of classic Axl and leave hope that there is plenty left in the tank.

post some more videos from this tour, I know he wasn't singing every song with rasp so you don't have to point that out. but do these moments of rasp give you hope? or is this all lightning in a bottle.

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Great picks and there's indeed some promising vocals there, but as always (since 2011) his voice shape just seems to fluctuate from show to show a lot.

Remember that in 2012, out of nowhere there was also the 'holly' Philly show and some other odd perfomances full of rasp here and there like Paradise City in Hellfest.

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It is weird that you have these random occurrences where the rasp shows up on a song you haven't heard it on in a while. I thought it happened more on this tour but it makes me wonder of Axl even knows when the rasp is coming. For him there might be a fine line between his rasp and the higher vocals we get a lot. If he can find command of his voice I think we could be in for some great performances again.

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