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Anything goes - a pretty good song


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Was just watching a guitar cover of this on youtube and it struck me what a good guitar part the whole song is, it seemed like a really fun to song play, and is to listen to.

I think it's obvious that the puerile, lurid lyrics prevented it from becoming more acclaimed, I don't dislike the lyrics (quite the opposite) but it certainly prevented it from becoming a more accessible track. I wonder, in hindsight, Axl might have considered writing about something else, because he then would have had one more killer track to draw on in later years.

I'm aware other songs on the album cover unsavoury topics but they are done in a less obvious way. Nightrain and Mr Brownstone for example.

My point is that musically Anything goes it hold its own.

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Never understood the hate for it, Appetite is just full of so many heavy weight songs that even a great song like Anything Goes seems mediocre, I always dug it though. Axl is on fire from start to finish, the duel guitar solo is great, and both guitar parts fit together so well throughout the song, just like any ofther AFD rocker. Just a stupid fun catchy rock song.

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