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Im not saying 'Jobs' is the worst movie ever

Dan H.

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It's not compelling or interesting in the slightest m. There were a bunch of weird montages that drew you out of the movie, and everytime Ashton Kutcher delivered a line it made me cringe.

The acting was poor, the story wasn't interesting, and at no point did I care about any of the characters.

I will say the sets are cool. And Ashton did a great job of looking like Steve. But the bad acting and HORRIBLE writing drove the film into the ground.

It was almost like they were trying to do Social Network... But really badly.

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he does look like him, but that really cannot carry you. there are times in the movie when he delivers lines and it is just laughably bad, he tried to sound like jobs, sometimes he does try to sound like jobs, but when he delivers the line it almost sounds like his kelso character :lol:

ashton kutcher is just a bad actor. he really cannot do serious style movies.

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I think they considered Kutcher for 2 reasons, he had a geek major in college and he looked like Steve Jobs.

Interesting diatribe on a teenybopper award show, I guess it was his "high school commencement speech" to American teenagers, but he dropped out of college and made money off his looks, became an entrepreneur with the help of advisers that only talk to people with millions in the bank. I guess his heart is in the right place, but it was falling on deaf ears at an award show. Parents were probably the only ones cheering to what he was saying.

They should have just updated and extended "Pirates of Silicon Valley" by an hour.

I'll wait until this is on video to see it, but it's going to be really low on the queue and when I run out of stuff to watch.

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