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The Official Walt Disney Movies Thread

Vincent Vega

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What are your favorite movies (both live action and animated) by the Walt Disney Company? This includes not movies only by Disney itself, but also Disney's subsidiaries like Pixar, Marvel, LucasFilm, Touchstone Pictures etc.

Like for example, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pretty Woman, and The Avengers count as Disney movies, because Disney owns the companies that made them, as well as all of Pixar's films since Disney owns Pixar.

So, what are your favorite and least favorite films by Disney?

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Hard to pick just one, but Alice In Wonderland is my wife's and I favorite. I think Tim Burton did a great job! The music really hooks you in. As much as I like Anne Hathaway, her character was a little too weird. I know they are going to work on a sequel, without Tim Burton. I don't know about that route? Depp will reprise his role, which is good. But I think they should of just left it alone,

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Yeah and Pretty Woman wouldn't count would it? Unless the movie was actually filmed when Disney owned the studio you can't call it a Disney movie.

Disney created Touchstone Pictures in the 80s. They never bought it. it didn't exist until they made it; It was their own internal creation, of a subsidiary label under which they could release mature films. So yes, Pretty Woman counts.

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