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Despite criticisms of Axl's level of performance -- which are largely based on YouTube videos and to a lesser extent personal experience -- as well as his personal appearance -- based on established 'fashion' trends and a preoccupation with unflattering pictures taken by tabloid interests -- GNR continue to get good responses while touring.

Despite negativity aroused by comments made by Chris Pitman -- who like the other band members only really has a viable input regarding the future of GNR when the message is negative -- GNR management has never publicly stated that it has no desires to continue the GNR discography. They've actually expressed a position to the contrary, that they're trying.

The community has also been heavily frustrated by the distinct lack of official releases. But if you consider what the parties within such possible releases are saying, it would appear that GNR are not to blame. When Rock Fuel last discussed their project, they expressed that the future of Appetite for Democracy was now upto Interscope.

There is no denying that GNR has its faults and the current lack of clarity is very frustrating. But at the same time the level of sensationalism is a bit unnecessary.

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