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Metallica - Ennio Morricone connection?


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so I went to a show and after playing Long way to the Top as intro music they played a clip of a Clint spag western and the whole audience started chanting along to the Morricone music. Doesn that happen every show and it happened again on a song.

After the show I was thinking about it and then I thought a lot of their songs like Unforgiven and others have a sort of spaghetti western vibe. Or do they?

is there a Ennio Morricone influence on Metallica?

or is that a stupid question?

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I'm gonna guess it was The Ecstady of Gold and people started chanting to The Memory Remains or My Friend Misery.

I think The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is Hetfield's favourite movie.

it was Ecstacy of Gold, does that happen every show?

I think it was an instrumental where everyone started humming again.

They started humming again on Welcome Home (Sanitorium).

I just hear spaghetti westerns all over their stuff now.

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Do they always use it's a Long way to the Top by ACDC. That was my favorite part of the show. Apart from at the end where they each took turn to scream into the mic.

What's Ecsatasy of Gold all about?

maybe I should watch Good the bad and Ugly again.

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