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Chinese Democracy cover art


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So I'm perusing around GNRontour.com and reading about a bunch of different shows. Apparently at one of the early shows in China in 2002, it says Axl showed the cover art of Chinese Democracy to the crowd on the video screens. They describe the cover and from the description it sounds like the exact cover we got. Is there a picture from that show of him showing it on the screens? And I guess this refutes my theory that this cover art was thrown together randomly in two seconds. I always thought it made no sense but was surprised to find out that apparently this is the artwork Axl had chosen long before the album ever came out.

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08.14.02 - Summer Sonic Festival, Hall 3, Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China
opening acts: Fake?
attendance: 2,000 +/-
set: Welcome To The Jungle, It's So Easy, Mr. Browstone, Live And Let Die, Think About You, You Could Be Mine, Sweet Child O'Mine, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Out Ta Get Me, Madagascar, Guitar Solo [buckethead], Piano Solo, November Rain, Rocket Queen, Chinese Democracy, Patience, The Blues, My Michelle, Nightrain
encore: Paradise City
audio/video recording?: no
notes: GN’R hit the stage around 10 p.m., about 90 minutes after the opening band, for their first-ever concert in China. The lineup was Axl, Dizzy, Chris Pitman, Robin Finck, Buckethead, Brain, Tommy Stinson & newly-added rhythm guitarist Richard Fortus. During Buckethead’s solo, he played parts of the ‘Star Wars Theme’ and ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean.’ Buckethead also did his famous nunchuk dance, during which he threw his nunchuks into the crowd. Before ‘Chinese Democracy,’ Axl explained the title of the album and showed the crowd [on the video screen] the artwork for the new album. The artwork is black and white and features a bicycle, with a wall behind it that someone painted with “Guns N’ Roses!!” The video screen at the start of ‘Paradise City’ depicted the flag of China, then several shots of Hong Kong from a car and a helicopter. During the song, pyros and fireworks were shot off followed by shots of red and yellow confetti, which then fell from the ceiling.

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Believe axl said sumthing like "we didnt write this. so one of you motherfuckers must have."

It does say that in the review of the show. Its just weird to see the cover art was so far in the planning stages. When the album came out, I was like "is that really it? After 15 years, THAT'S what they choose?!" Just seemed like such a weird and lazy choice. Didn't make any sense to me at all. Having heard what he said at the show, I still think its an odd choice as the cover, but interesting to hear in 2002 he had that already picked out.

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