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Marc, Which member of the AFD lineup has evolved the most...


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Hey Marc!

I'm curious as to what member of the AFD lineup evolved playing/singing wise the most. They all went on to do different things after GNR....

Izzy Stradlin

Ju Ju Hounds




Velvet Revolver




10 Minute Warning



Adler's Appetite



Guns N' Roses

So what do you think of all the different members? Who changed the most... music wise and personality wise? Do you like what they've all done after Guns? Do you like where Axl is going with GNR?

Thanks for you time here Marc!

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I think they've all pretty much adhered to their rock/punk roots, respectivly, with Axl being the one who has tried to push his limits musically. I like what he has done so far, can't wait to hear what this lineup does.

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Thanks for the answer Marc, and I agree in a way. All of them have evolved a lot, but I think if you listen hard to some of them you can trace it to their roots. I would say the hardest would be Axl/GNR though. Chinese Democracy is a lot different from anything I had ever heard from GNR before.

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