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A misconception

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But Axl has a limited amount of time to release new music. GH came out in 2004? So that's a 10 year time frame. The original deadline was 1999, so maybe even 5 years. They need to release SOMETHING before 2018.

They could still perform new music live. They could still discuss new music. Heck, at this point they could release new music under simply "Guns" and play it as Guns n Roses.

I think axl owes the label 1 more record. Record one more, make it sound like AFD, release it, drop the label and release music privately.

Cobblers! If Axl had 12-15 songs fully recorded and mastered with vocals the record company wouldn't be holding anything up.

Do you actually think they'll want to keep putting things out by modern day GNR? Do you know what that potentially does? It could free up GNR's contractual obligations to Interscope therefore they lose out on any possible reunion.

Considering that axl used up millions of dollars handed off to him, I would think the record label would release anything that would make them their money back as opposed to waiting on the off chance of a reunion. 14 million dollars isn't a small amount even for interscope.

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