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What kind of record haven't GNR done?


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If AFD is the raw rock n roll record, UYI the classic rock record, CD the pro tools era record, Lies the unplugged record, they've put out a Live album.

what kind of record haven't they done?

They haven't put out a remix album, they haven't done a more metal album or a more experimental record.

What kind of record could they do to add to what they have?

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UYI is classic rock?

I think it let in more classic rock influences like Elton John, Zepp, Stones, whereas AFD was more hard rock Aero DC. UYI is big rock songs with long solos, I dunno it seems more classic rock especially the singles.

If there's a second part to CD, maybe it's an electronica album.

What electronica records would GNR be influenced by?

Pretty Hate Machine

Fat of the Land

Exit Planet Dust

Would Axl do a record like Hestitation Marks? I don't see it, Axl's vocals is the main thing with GNR.

I don't know if this is Axl's ambition to take GNR into the future and Scraped is only the start.

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maybe something like Zooropa by U2.

Time to do a death metal record.

"I've always been a fan of Venom and Too $hort. With Shrillex producing we think we have something neat, it's an interestin' noise." - Axl Rose, 2020.

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