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Do you think Axl will change his look again?

Uncle Bob

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growing out his beard and getting rid of that nasty handlebar would be a start :D losing a stone would be good too. Deciding to let yourself go when you hit your late 40s early 50s isn't really a great idea for the health reasons alone! I'd be pleased if he just got in a little better shape. couldn't really give a toss about what he's wearing etc.

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I'm sure as Axl gets older, he will adjust his look.

But then again, he's Axl Rose and some of his signature looks is who he is.


GNR has gotten a lot of positive reviews from the media recently so I guess his image until next year's events will remain the same. But should GNR release a new album without ChiDem left-over songs his style might be different from CD era image.

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