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Bumblefoot cancels tour due to "Scheduling Conflict"

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I swear to God, if GNR's next move is a SA tour and not an album I'm going to throw my shoe so hard at the west it's gonna hit Axl in the head coming out of his Malibu home...And I live in Chicago....

You do know that there are obscure tribes living in the Amazon rain forest who have seen Newgnr live on multiple occasions, right?

To see Manets say this should send some of you a message that another SA tour would see GNR publicly spinning their wheels like never before. It's seriously new album or bust. I really hope we're al

Maybe he cancelled so he can attend DJs wedding.

You think he cancelled shows in January to attend a wedding that already happened?

Why didn't he cancel the shows between now and then?
Nothing is going on now.

If by now you mean today, you're right. His next scheduled appearance isn't until Saturday. He has a whole metric shit ton of shows booked up until early January that haven't been cancelled and won't be.

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