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Do You Have GNR Ringtones?


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I used the RB2 tracks to come up with 3 different GN'R based ring tones. I have the very first guitar burst from CD for one of my friends, the first two notes of the second half of the TIL solo for when my wife texts me and the isolated Better solo of Robin's as a general ringer.

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I made a ringtone out of the bass and guitar lines of Shacklers that I've been using since 2008. the part that replays just before the vocals kick in

That's pretty sweet.

"I've got a message for you" from Prostitute as text/voicemail alerts.

That's awesome! I never thought of that, but what a cool way to use that line!

Anyone want to pass some back and forth? I'd be glad to throw Shacklers up.

I'll check with HV and UK to ask about the "legalities" of it, but I'd love to do that.

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