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Yeah, I'd say $250 max and that would have to be in fucking stellar condition/unused. I think they are making the usual mistake and basing it on what the last one sold for. But what the seller doesn't realize is that the last one didn't sell for this amount, a best offer was accepted on it. And I am going to guess that the offer was way less. I don't mind when people ask how much something is worth. But it makes we wonder if they are seeing it as an investment. Obviously I hope we all make a shit ton of money when and if we ever decide to sell anything we own. But there are very few sure bests in this world. Buy it cause you like it. If you feel it's worth $45 to you then go for it. Fuck what anyone else thinks. Some people will think we are crazy for even spending $50 on something like that. It's all in the eye of the beholder. True whatt he seller says though, not many of them, less than 100 I'd say.

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