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Rush (Ron Howard film)

Black Sabbath

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I'll definitely see it. Though if they were going to do an F1 movie I'd prefer it to about Ayrton Senna, as a tribute to him. Hunt just ran around being crazy and doing drugs. I have a feeling the movie will portray him in a slightly more positive manner than he deserves (no offense). And he was a good driver, but only won 1 world championship... plenty of others have had more success in the sport but haven't had movies made about them.

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As a huge F1 fan I loved it, the reason they chose to do this story as because the Lauda Hunt rivalry was the first time in F1 that s huge global audience was interested in seeing it, before then it hardly had any tv coverage but this rivalry changed it. It doesn't matter how many championships Hunt won, what matters is the story between the two drivers which is in some cases kind of unbelievable.

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