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Secret Metallica project to be announced as early as tomorrow!


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Have they stopped making new music? They've been touring the GH and Black album since 2008.

Last I heard they're going to re-record Kill 'Em All and a new album will most likely come around 2015.

A re-recording of Kill Em All sounds interesting. I'm guessing they would polish it up to sound more like the rest of their albums. I can't imagine that being popular with their hardcore fans though, you don't mess with a classic.

I think fans would rather they re-record St. Anger with a different snare and some guitar solo's. :)

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If that's true (rerecording Kill Em All) that fucking sucks.

Whats the problem with KEA? What, James needs to lay down some of his embarrassing "improved" vocals and cram more yeahyeahyeah yeahs in to make it hip?

Unless its Dave on guitar and Ron on bass...?

And damn straight you don't fuck with the classics, Metallica suck these days and it will suck even more if they go back to their old stuff that didn't suck and make it suck.

That sucks.

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A concert with a Cliff Burton hologram.

Went to Q&A sesh at Apple Store on Regent St last Thursday and he said they actually discussed that... for all of 12 seconds.

Also said they've been working on music for new album.

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maybe with all the remix albums going on theyve finally decided to remix and remaster and justice for all so we can actually hear the bass parts more now, rerecording would be cool but i think the and justice for all album deserves it more

Maybe this will tide you over.

No way.


Load has some gems on it, and to put it in the same pit as St. Anger...well...I just feel sorry for you.

Bleeding Me > everything.

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