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Axl Bundy


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Anyone ever watch the episode of Married with Children where Al acts like a Rock star named Axl Bundy, (His band is Shoes N' Socks)


(the Axl reference starts around 11:46 )

In the episode, he meets up with old Rock Stars and sings in an old Aid charity

Guest stars: Spencer Davis, Richie Havens, Robby Krieger, Mark Lindsay, Peter Noone, and John Sebastian.


We are the old, we've got arthritis,
Our gums are weak (so weak), from gingivitis.

We are the old, we've got arthritis,
We are the ones who wear bifocals, and have bursitis.

There are people, younger, but we heed another call,
We really need the money, our accountants took it all,
We sing to you, those who have money,
Once we were cool, but now we just dress funny.
We need your help, so please please dig deep,
Don't call after ten, 'cause we'll be asleep.
We have medicare, and anti-gas pills,
But without your help, we can't pay our alimony bills.

We are the old, (the are the old),
We have arthritis ( they have arthritis),
Once vwe were gods, now golf exites us (golf exite'em).

So write a check (a really bg one), for our december,
There's one more verse, but we can't remember...

This episode was in 92... when Guns N' Roses were big

but now I think the song fits Axl a bit


Just thought it was funny...

be fun to have an Old Aid of rock stars now like Axl, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler.. etc..

Any thoughts on who you would want in Old Aid?

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