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were Take That the ultimate Brit Pop band?

I think most brit pop bands grew up on Duran Duran, Bowie and The Kinks.

There's defiitley a lot of variety under the banner of Brit Pop.

You'd have different sub genres. People had Ocean Color scene, Oasis, Paul Weller records.

Then Blur fans who were into easy listening music and the Beastie Boys and Pavement.

Then the heroin chic bands like Suede, Elastica who also listened to early Stones and Bowie and New Wave.

Then the more indie kids were into Pulp, Shed Seven and that Statuesque chick, Louise Werner?

Oasis was fueled by a load of pillheads who after they camedown smoked a lot and needed some rock music.

Nirvana fans seemed like Blur and The Levellers. Which makes no sense, it's like a mod with a dog on a string.

What the land of free, whoever told you that is your enemy!!!

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were Take That the ultimate Brit Pop band?

Take That were a Boy Band, The Spice Girls, a Girl Band - they were both British Pop bands but weren't BritPop bands.

sometimes I think they were the real deal in terms of Brit Pop, but yes Brit Pop means more indie rock on amazon. I think the Manics would balk at being called Brit Pop on amazon. Everything Must Go might qualify as a footnote.

It was a pretty decent era, but those bands always seemed like mini-versions of bigger 70s acts. Suede's Singles collection is very listenable though. Even the latter day stuff after Butler left, a lot of tunes like Trash and Lazy that are much more fun than We are the Pigs. She's in Fashion and Filmstar are songs you image supermodels fucking to.

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90's Brit Pop was a nostalgia trip and their attitude and music was quite reactionary. None of these bands were really original (Suede were plagiarising Bowie, Oasis/The Beatles, Blur/The Kinks, etc.). Frankly, it was boring and depressing.

The only original artists were Portishead, PJ Harvey and Radiohead. Those were good. The first album by the Stone Roses was good too.

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I don't think Blur actually sound like The Kinks on much. There's No Other Way and She's So High don't really. On Modern Life is Rubbish there might some, but there's also hints of Bowie, The Who, Resigned is an epic ballad maybe closer to The Beatles. After you name check a few bands it seems like not so much plagiarizing. The way There's No Other Way came together was pretty random. With Alex James just joining the band, in the first rehearsal he plays that bass line.

Parklife seems like much more self conscious. It's really Albarn's third person lyrics, characters which holds it together. But Bank Holiday, Parklife, To The End could be further apart. I guess British bands do lean a lot towards psychedelia for some reason, it's not just the Beatles. I think it's more the closeness to the countryside. Most cities are basically clsoe to the countryside and gardens. I just see them as a long line of British bands, it's like saying Pearl Jam are just plaigarizing Neil Young. Or GNR ripping off Aerosmith. Kind of but not really.

By the time you get to Blur and 13 they are basically nothing like the Kinks or any Britpop band. Think Tank was even further away from that, but still Blur.

Oasis don't sound like the Beatles much on Defintely Maybe or What's the Story. It's more on latter albums some of the songs went more like Lennon. I thnk Noel was more influenced by Mott the Hoople and Slade for Oasis. Suede are kid of a twist on Bowie and Morrissey through early Stones. Probably one of the best bands to ever come out of the UK. Pulp are too odd to define. But listen to Mishapes and it's like the 90s in a nutshell.

I agree those bands are pretty conservative, but that's how we felt. We didn't want to be Americanized or become robots, we just wanted to shake our bits to the hits.

Radiohead are kind of a prog rock band playing the game on Anyone Can Play Guitar, trying to fit. They are kind of more plagairizing than Blur bcos they just stolen Kid A from Warp records. Tricky, Portishead, Massive Attack are all way more innovative. Roni Size and drum and bass also something fresh.

But for a guitar bands with tunes it's hard to beat Oasis and Suede.

I've always wondered about this copying, they sound like The Beatles, but in the end I know what Oasis are talking about, I get the niche Suede are in, listen to End of the Century by Blur before the millennium I knew what they were saying. Same with Disco 2000. I'm not sure if analysing them for innovation is fruitful. It's like you can take apart Stones songs and link them back to old blues songs and say not innovative. Everything goes back though Elvis and then back through the blues and to Robert Johnson going down to the crossroads.

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