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Reputation System Changes


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:lol: It's just not something I want to rush into too quickly Sunny. There's a more positive atmosphere here than there has been for a while and I don't want to upset that.

I just think we'd see people using "dislike" points on every single post someone they don't like has made. That's going to get annoying after a while. What if a group of people start ganging up on a staff member? Do they get warned for something as petty as abusing the dislike system?

If we were a larger community it would matter less.

EDIT: Added an extra comment.

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Quit trying to stand in the way of our quest to avenge the bleeding anus.

It's just not something I want to rush into too quickly Sunny.

I KNEW IT!!!!! :lol:

The only other change being considered is enabling a couple of negative rep points per day for Supporters... but that's it.

Cue Izzygirl creating 25 new .alt accounts. :lol:

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I like that you can check a member's liked posts from the tab in their profile.

It's like a "highlights reel" of their posts.

Little dangerous that we can edit our posts after receiving likes, innit? Then you could have a situation where it appears people liked comments even though they didn't even read them, unless the likers happened to go back and notice the edit and unlike it. :lol:

Yeah but I don't really see that as being a widespread problem - you can see when people have edited a post anyway.

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