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Friday the 13th vs. Halloween?



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Nay, Friday the 13th Part 2 is the best of the lot.

yeah the second one is my favorite as well, that look wearing the sack was just creepy.

Right on.

He's not a slow walking, unkillable zombie- he's a grotesque,cunning, mongulated retard with a sack on his head-and he runs.

He looks the most disturbing without it on in that movie too.

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Are the Halloween remakes worth watching?

the first one is alright, it keeps some of the same big scenes of the original, but it adds a whole different back story on michaels childhood. it is solid, not bad, but not great.

as for the second one, it is weird, it has parts of the original second film,but really has some weird moments.

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Are the Halloween remakes worth watching?

They're both terrible, but the second one is so randomly terrible, and so defiantly proud of what batshit nonsense it is, that it's sort of worth watching as a curio. Especially if you're high. The first one almost seems like Zombie made all (literally ALL) the wrong moves on purpose, to illustrate the brilliance of the original. I'm assuming that wasn't his intent, but godamn if it doesn't play like it.

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There are twenty two films (including remakes and reboots) between them and - by miles - the greatest film from the bunch is the original Halloween. In a sense though, as a franchise, Friday the 13th is the more successful once the film makers swiftly began playing it 'for laughs'. You know the scenario? Teenagers go into woods havings sex and drinking and being obnoxious (which is generally what teenagers do). Jason comes along and hacks them to pieces in as many ingenious ways as possible. Throw in some campy humour and a 1980s 'cock rock' soundtrack and it was a very successful formula. In contrast, the Halloween sequels never really established a formula or even any sort of idea of direction - a case in point by III: Season of the Witch. The Halloween sequels merely seem to exist to prove that the original was so much better and so much superior.

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