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Favorite actor who played Dracula?


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Haha, I was just gonna type that I think you put this is in the wrong section :lol:

I was gonna go with Bela Lugosi, but Gary Oldman was just fantastic..

he did a great job and I really liked that movie (even though Winona Rider and Keanu Reeves almost ruined that movie for me)

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Oldman was awesome. He was wasted in every scene he was in. Really helped make Winona appear uncomfortable. Winona was tolerable, at least Sofia wasn't chosen again but no self-respecting director would let his daughter anywhere near drunk Gary Oldman. But Keanu was a strange casting.

I made the poll multiple choice because I have to choose Lugosi. Lee too gets points for not using a thick accent because Dracula in the novel spoke English perfectly.

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Tough decision. Lugosi is still the oine I identify with Dracula. Oldman is one of my favourite actors and he did an awesome job but Max Schreck and Christopher Lee were great too. I don't like Frank Langella and I didn't see the Klaus Kinski one.

So, if I have to choose, Lugosi.

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No Richard Roxburgh from Van Helsing? :P. That was the first film with Dracula in it I watched as a youngster, say what you like about it but his performance made a big impression on me and it got me to read the book then into all the Universal/Hammer films. Lee did really well as a massive, silent menace but I never really saw the charming or sophisticated side of Dracula's character in his performance, Oldman had the latter in bucketloads but didn't have the physicality of Lee... Lugosi was class.

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Anyone that wasn't Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000

I hate those modern re-tellings. I also think turning Dracula into a love story is a bit worn. Dracula moved to London because he wanted taste that industrial polluted crap. He would have left as soon the Pakis started flooding the place.

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