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I know how to play Smells Like A Teen Spirit... I like their songs, I like Lithium, Polly, Come As You Are etc... Stuff on Nevermind and their Meat Puppets cover; Lake of Fire; oh and their song Marijuana... Needs to say, I like Nirvana...

Recently got in touch with a friend I lost contact with, she's cool, she's great, was here dancing to Nirvana with me and other stuff, she played Heart Shaped Box and Drain You; both tunes...

Because of that :) (and that song being so cool) I'm learning/am teaching myself/am working the ins and outs of Drain You, on guitar; by Nirvana...

Fun Riff.

This band rock. R.I.P Kurt Cobain

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if you smoke cigs and play at the same time and it somehow takes you longer than 30 seconds to figure out any Nirvana riff/progression you fail at guitar

but yeah, great band


For real, what's it with people talking about smoking and playing guitar like it's anything special? For real, whatever, also... I got a couple of ways of playing that...

Also, I'm liking what I get/do with my 1 finger power chords... But like everything; Practice makes perfect. - I've just gotta make sure I'm learning the right things/the stuff I want, and not a bad habit or whatever.

also, love this tune;

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because smoking while playing guitar is the most challenging technique to master, its what most guys cant do until after they master modal and verticle improvisation.

how long have you been playing though?


I've been playing since 1999, but not seriously until 2000... a long time, now that I think about it, I guess... Time flies when you're having fun though and; Guitar is fun.

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throw down your umbilical noose so I can climb right back

I love the shit out of Heart Shaped Box.

I was listening to the Live & Loud part of the new In Utero reissue yesterday and man, they were fucking great live at times. The version of Drain You on that live album is just killer.

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A new book about the relationship between Kurt Cobain and William Burroughs has been published recently. The book (Nada es verdad, todo está permitido, in English Nothing is true, everything is permitted) was written in Spanish by Servando Rocha.

Rocha's methods of investigation are similar to Greil Marcus'.




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^^ The "Naked Lunch" audiobook was hard to listen to because Burroughs' voice was too aged and too shaky in my opinion, there's excerpts where he sounds much better. Kurt's little guitar interludes were pretty cool.

He had a great way with words and delivering the songs, but there's times that his guitar playing and screaming can grate on your nerves. It was always for the best to not listen to it over and over and over. Butch Vig was the best thing to happen to the band even if he didn't agree with how "Nevermind" turned out, I just think that was the reaction to the success of it, something no one really expected. AFD was an unexpected success, but I think there was more planning into those songs and they were tested on stage more. I don't know how many Nirvana songs were played live before the albums came out, or he debuted the songs in the studio.

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