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What genres would you like to hear Axl sing


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We all know that Axl loves his Queen-Elton John-Billy Joel type piano ballads. And that's probably the route he would take on a solo album.

But what types of music would you like to hear Axl sing if he put out a solo album for fun in between GnR albums? Would you want a cover album.....a punk album...........a doo-wop album.........etc.

I was listening to Hanger 18 by Megadeth and thought it would be cool to hear Axl sing songs like that. Not a Slayer type heavy metal, but heavier than things Axl has done in the past.


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covers of Eye of the Tiger and We Built This City would probably do it for me. Maybe cover an Ice Cube song like the N***** You Love To Hate or Killing in the Name Of.

The Wild Ones by Suede would be epic or Shakermaker by Oasis or maybe Live Forever would be the ultimate. If they did that live with the solos it would be mind blowing.

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