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Would your opinion change of Axl if he fired all the band?


If Axl fired the current band to reunite with the real GnR  

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Some posters pine a lot about the old band reuniting.

I'm curious as to what people would really think about that in terms of Axl firing all the guys who have currently stood by his side, some of them putting more than a decade into GnR, and a couple of them putting years into the band and never getting a chance to have their own material recorded by GnR.

To me it would be a real dick move of Axl to do that. I feel all the current members deserve to record and release at least one album together.

So what do you all think?

As a music fan, I'd love to see Axl go into write/record/release mode for the next few years and see him release 2-3 more albums with this current band over the next five years. Then, do a one-off album and tour with the old band. Then ride out his career releasing fun solo albums every couple of years. An acoustic album, a piano album, etc.

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Firing Bumblefoot is something I'd see as unforgivable, considering the personal sacrifices and hardship the man put himself through to keep the band going even after his injuries. If Axl claimed rights to the band because he kept things going when everyone else was fucking their own lives up with drugs and alcohol, Bumblefoot's earned rights to remain with GNR as long as he wants to be a part of it.

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Some of you remember that kid Sebastian Bach had playing guitar for him and eventually left because he was a pain in the ass? That's probably what Axl doesn't want and if he let all these seasoned pros go, he's going to wind up hiring a bunch of kids to back GNR? He'd be better off doing a reunion or not going on with GNR at all.

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