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Dizzy Reed is underrated by the world as a brilliant musician


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He's just a keyboardist. He's fine. Obviously he has some sort of talent. But he's no gifted musician, and he could easily be replaced. He's one of the luckier musicians in rock history. Its still laughable he got inducted into the Hall Of Fame with them. His contributions have meant so little, and its not even like he plays the great piano on November Rain. At least you'd have to give him credit for that.

Also, he's always looked like this overgrown 14 year old boy.

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Dizzy is very under-rated. He's one of the best piano players today and has been for about the last 20 years.

When he starts playing Liszt's repertoire for his solo spots instead of classic rock songs, I'll accept that statement.

I love Dizzy. He's an integral part of the band. But he's definitely nothing to write home about skill-wise.

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Joke thread, obviously. But I'll play along.

Dizzy isn't underrated by the world. The world doesn't rate Dizzy. No one outside of these forums gives a shit about him.

He's nothing. He's a non-entity in music; he's as critical to the world of music as the guy who brings in the speaker cables from the truck to the studio.

Axl has surrounded himself with yes-men who have absolutely zero talent in songwriting. Go to your nearest Guitar Center and you'll hear a thousand kids who can shred just as well as Bumby or look just as douchey as DJ.

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