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Dizzy Reed is underrated by the world as a brilliant musician


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Dizzy is very under-rated. He's one of the best piano players today and has been for about the last 20 years.

When he starts playing Liszt's repertoire for his solo spots instead of classic rock songs, I'll accept that statement.

I love Dizzy. He's an integral part of the band. But he's definitely nothing to write home about skill-wise.

One could make the same (stupid) argument about some arcane thing like being able to play Liszt's or <insert famed guitar robot> to make a comparison to someone like, say, Keith Richards. There's a difference between technical ability and playing, and dizzy can play.

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Leave Dizzy alone, he is a brilliant keyboard and pianist. I think he's very gifted and proves he's not just there to recreate Axl's parts by his amazing solo pieces at shows. My only gripe with him is his tardiness at releasing his own solo album, that's supposed to be coming since 2007. I think he copies Axl a little too much, ha.

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Without Dizzy Reed, there would be no more guns n roses!!!

Not gonna lie,I just got up and Danced while I watched that. Seriously.

Wow how bout that dizzy?

Don't even mention his name in the same sentence as Pitman.

Both are useless hanger-ons.

Next you're going to try to convince me the same of beta and jarmo...easy pal

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Dizzy's just axl's pooch, right?

I think Dizzy wouldn't do what he is doing if he wouldn't like it

He likes being axl's pooch right?

do you think he doesn't have an own opinion and stuff?

Yeah, but he's too much of a bitch to admit to anything.

Remember, this guy was going to attend the RRHOF and changed his mind mysteriously. Likely because firing was threatened. Good work, an thanks again Axl!!!

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Dizzy is a lot like the appendix. Connected to Axl's lower intestine, but pretty much useless.

Nah, I'm being mean. Dizzy is ok, but he's absolutely not brilliant or underrated. He plays some ok piano in a rock band. Nothing earth-shattering. There are MANY much better keyboard players in rock alone. Let alone jazz, blues or classical music.

As for songwriting I only have one word. Silkworms.

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Hey, I don't particularly like any of those guys either... but that post I just hid was unnecessary.

As for this thread, really don't think that OP is trolling (surprisingly), so I'm going to give him a serious answer. Firstly, Dizzy is a cool enough guy and he's done some really nice things for fans over the years (including joining a forum member's frat at Cornell, weirdly enough).

As a musician, he obviously loves to play a lot of live shows, but he's always seemed more focused on the partying that comes with that than the playing itself - his main band outside GN'R are a touring covers act, Hookers N' Blow. Nothing wrong with that, but writing original music is not his main motivation.

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He is one step above Del James. Which is nothing to crow about. He should never have been brought into the band.

Dizzy is pretty cool I really liked the guy seemed down to earth and told me a great story

I'm glad his in the band Dizzy Fucking Reed :headbang:

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