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Why do so many "adults" watch wrassling?


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Says the guy who threw a fit over being suspended and asked for his account to be deleted.

And that has what bearing on the fact that you just massively talked out of your arse just now? :lol:

Why were you suspended? when was that?

I had a conversation with a poster, can't remember name but girl, kinda short, maybe she had a different screenhandle before but she was definitely an oldie. Anyway she had a curious habit of calling me certain names (ooooooh :lol:) over a period of time and on one particular occasion when she was having an episode in i think it was General Chat i said something horrible to her...repeatedly. Something along the lines of someone said she got raped or was a rape victim or something and i just took the piss out of her about it. Repeatedly.

My rationalising of it amounted to 'there are certain things you can call me or refer to me as, derogatory things, referring to my race or whatever that, once you've done that thats kinda breaching the boundary as far as I'm concerned and I'll take it but then you gotta take what I come up with and I reserve the right to go as far as I like with it...cuz hey, you set the standard right? To me it's like punching someone and then moaning after they beat seven shades of shit out of you, with the rationale being 'well i only punched ya the once!'.

Thats about the size of it i think. And i wasn't suspended, and i wasn't gonna be suspended either until some intense lobbying by some concerned forumers, again, can't remember all of em, 'cardi was one i think but don't hold me to that and then it looked like i was gonna be suspended so, being a sort of reasonable rationale sober sensible pragmatic and just generally wise gentleman (read as stroppy fuckin' tart :lol:) went clearly i can't follow the rules of the forum, or i refuse to if those are the rules, i.e. someone can have a pop at you and you have to take it up the arse, in view of which I'd like to unregister, which I did.

And then a coupla weeks later, cap in hand, I messaged Forsaken like 'can i have my old job back please?' :lol: Wally. (me, not Forsaken, who's a top lad ;) )

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