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Pearl Jam vs Soundgarden

Black Sabbath


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Soundgarden is alright but I never really got into them. Between the two for me it Pearl Jam all day everyday. I just like their music better and in my opinion they're as good or better than they've ever been. I loved Backspacer and Lightning Bolt is awesome. Plus as great as Cornell's voice is I just like Eddie's way more. I own every Pearl Jam album and not one Soundgarden album so..... Easy choice for me.

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Soundgarden easily wins this, Badmotorfinger, Superunknown and Down on the Upside are arguably the best albums from the grunge movement. Also Eddie Vedder can't hold a candle next to Cornell I mean the dude from Creed sounds like spot on like him and his band may create some good music but it's very much of its time imo.

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I personally think speaking from my own experience, is that Soundgarden's albums usually take a fair few listens before you get them. I remember hating DOTU for like a good year and a half before liking it. Louder than Love, whilst I liked it also took time. I got King Animal the day it came out and I'm still trying to get it.

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These are my favourite bands, I'd rank them next to each other, so I have to go by other factors:


Pearl Jam - 5

Soundgarden - 2


Pearl Jam - 5

Soundgarden - None yet, but it's going to happen


Pearl Jam - Every album (CD and Vinyl), multiple singles, bootlegs and DVDs

Soundgarden - Every album on CD

So, it's Pearl Jam.

Or, as Chris said during the concert in Berlin on September 10th:

Random fan between to songs: "Chris, you're the greatest!"

Chris: "Yeah? What about Eddie?!"

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PJ maybe better song writers but SG records have so much variety. I feel like you can really dig into SG albums. Theres so many parts and lyrics, but the songs arent as easy to digest.

Another thing is King Animal is as good as the old stuff. Its exactly the same. PJ had the zeotjest album but cant top it. Whereas SG never had that.

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i do like pearl jam and i love some of their singles but they are definitely one of those bands that i understand people becoming fanatical about, but which i never really got into beyond the singles. i tried to, but vedder's voice never quite did enough for me (which isn't to say i dislike him, but he doesn't capture me like cornell does, who i think happens to be one of the top rock vocalists of all time - vedder sounds a little more like he's always just doing a springsteen impression).

i do love pearl jam's cover of "love reign o'er me" though:


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Pearl Jam by a fuckin' mile for me.

I like Soundgarden's first two albums a little bit. Not my favorites in the world, but they're listenable. Badmotorfinger isn't horrible, but still isn't particularly good, in my opinion. I cannot stand Superunknown at all. Way too long with only a few songs on the albums worth a listen, in my opinion. Very few musicians can create an album over ~55 minutes that's consistently engaging imo, and Soundgarden sure as hell aren't among them. Same problem stands for their 5th album. I'm a full album listener and I lose interest in most of Soundgarden's songs.

I'm not the biggest fan of Pearl Jam, either, but I like them considerably better. I feel they have more variation within albums (which helps with a full album listen), not to mention between albums. Oddly enough, I'm not a huge fan of Pearl Jam's "glory day" albums. I like the singles from Ten, but not a fan of much outside of that. Vs. is similar for me. I actually think Binaural is their best album. I'm listening to Lightning Bolt for the first time right now, and I'm also surprised at how good it is. Step up from Backspacer, though I plan on going back and giving that another listen to see if my mind has changed on it since it dropped. But yeah, I think Pearl Jam has made some very good albums since 2000.

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