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An All-Star Tribute to Chinese Democracy -- who do you want to perform?


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CD: Shinedown

SR: Metallica

Better: Elton John

SOD: Shinedown

ITW: The Black Keys

TWAT: Taylor Swift

CITR: Paul McCartney

Scraped: Metallica and Taylor Swift

Riad: Metallica

Sorry: Sebastian Bach

IRS: Elton John

Madagascar: Pearl Jam

TIL: Bon Jovi

Prostitute: Metallica

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Interesting thread. Here's mine:

Chinese Democracy: Prodigy

Shackler's Revenge: Nine Inch Nails

Better: Michael Jackson

Street Of Dreams: Sinatra

If The World: The Beatles

There Was A Time: Prince

Catcher In The Rye: Pink Floyd

Scraped: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Riad N' The Bedouins: Soundgarden

Sorry: Metallica

I.R.S: Led Zeppelin

Madagascar: Queen

This I Love: Nightwish

Prostitute: David Bowie

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