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Best Song Axl has covered ??


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don't forget about sway and free fallin

I didn't think there was a recording of Sway. Went to YouTube and found audio of it. I was prepared to love it since Sway is one of my absolute favorite Stones songs, and honestly I think it's one of the worst covers Axl has ever done. It was like he couldn't decide whether to sing it in his low register or his falsetto.

Sailing definitely gets my vote. Other notable mentions are It's Alright, Riff Raff, and Nice Boys.

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Human Being is underrated, he sang the shit outta that song.

Bohemian Rhapsody at the FM Tribute was pretty damn powerful, coupled with his stage presence made it one of my all time favourite live performances.

Sailing is a nice song I wouldn't have thought his voice would suit, in that context it was pretty good.

PS 'I Don't Care About You' is also pretty damn good, I thought it was someone else when I first heard it as I'd never heard him do a raspy\shouting performance in his Lower-Register. Powerful as fuck, don't know why he never found an outlet for that voice on a Guns song.

Agree with all of these, love Axl's performances on Bohemian and Sailing. I Don't Care About You is actually pretty cool, and Human Being is the best song on Spaghetti. I know people are kinda sick of Knockin' on Heaven's Door, but Guns really owned the fuck out of that song. I am also a big fan of Sympathy and the live renditions of Sail Away Sweet Sister.

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But Riff Raff is actually a lot more awesome than some people give it credit for.

Riff Raff is one of my favorite AC/DC songs, and GN'R made it exponentially more awesome. I'd take Riff Raff over Rosie any day of the week.

Also, I forgot Dead Flowers.

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nobody votes for hair of the dog?

sympathy for the devil is a good one and I like human being and nice boys.

there are too many awesome ones to choose from, you gotta give them credit when they do a cover and folks think it's their song,

for instance didn't paul McCartney's son think LALD was a gnr song?

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The Asshole Song. He played it in a couple of shows. I never knew if he meant it for Slash, himself or someone else

Asshole Song rules.

I thought Axl wrote it? It's not a cover

There is one official Asshole Song wrote by Jimmy Buffet. I always thught it was that one. And Axl just fooling around with it

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