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What will come out first? CDII Or...


album or fight ?  

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Flying cars?

this is already released


This is existed, but only for the millitary


nope, CD2 will come out before this

bush helps the al-qaida to did 9/11 (with gun shipments). This is fucking obvious

I think Slash will release at least 2 albums before CD2 come out

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Another tupac album which is funny because he's dead...

...Or is he? :awesomeface::nervous:

The autobiography of the 90th President of the United States.

And the autobiography of the world's most dangerous housekeeper - Beta Lebeis. "I'm so dangerous, I'll clean yo house and steal yo band"

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I'm really hoping that the material from 1998-2008 (the older the better) that was supposed to become CD2 will leak at some point. I'd be more excited about that than about a CD2 release brutally slaughtered re-worked by Ashba and eaten, regurgitated, eaten again and shat out intensely produced by Axl Rose.


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