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What is the potentiality of adding sound & voice to the Ritz chatroom?


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That would take up a lot of computing-power/bandwidth and these chat rooms run through Invision servers. Unless HV is some super hi-tech whiz I don't see how that would be possible to integrate and synchronize the existing chat functionality with the logged on IDs. Only option I could see is off-site chat feature like IRC or Skype or MyFreeCams.

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The chat we have now is part of the IP Board package and it doesn't support video. I haven't looked too far into it, but I doubt any alternatives would integrate as tightly and seamlessly with the board as the current one does.

There are third party chat packages (some free, some super expensive and poorly rated) that I could install to support video in a few minutes if we wanted to. Wouldn't be hard... But there are so many minors that post here, I wouldn't feel comfortable providing a platform where any kind of abuse/inappropriateness could take place without being constantly moderated. Video just adds that extra dimension. Probably not something I'd consider anytime soon, we just don't have the manpower for it.

I'd be willing to run video chats as a 'special event' type thing with a designated date and time but I'm not sure there's the interest for it. If there is, sure.

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