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Watch the beginnings of the band in 1986


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The full show from 86' in HD

1. Welcome To The Jungle
2. Think About You
3. Mr. Brownstone
4. Rocket Queen
5. Nightrain
6. My Michelle
7. Sweet Child O' Mine
8. Paradise City
9. Mama Kin
10. Nice Boys

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Wonder when Axl added the opening scream to Jungle? Funny hearing him alternating between ultra-rasp (which I didn't know he had in '86) to "standard" voice, he was still figuring it out, neat to see the origins.

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you're welcome guys.

I'm glad to see that most people liked the post. despite some asshole eventually appear to complain.

Thanks for posting. That was fun to listen to.

ok bro. we're in this together. we love gnr. it's cool that you enjoyed.

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