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Am I the only one who prefers The Blues to Street of Dreams?


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If you preferred Street Of Dreams to The Blues, you would be the only one.

No, I actually prefer the slowed-down, new version.

Sorry for you.
Hey, at least I got a studio version to listen to!
We have 2. The AQ leak and Evader's one that sounds like it came straight off an album.
Well I got decent non-mickey mouse live version and mine on an official release so HA! (Really, I don't give a fuck about which one you guys prefer, I just think this song has much more potential as a slower ballad)
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Yeah to the Boston 2002 version as well. To me it has changed for the worse, slightly but still to me it is obvious. But not as bad as Madagascar, that song was totally butchered in the studio - too much of everything, the beautiful guitar melodies are covered with all sorts of crap.

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